Thursday, May 17, 2012

A False Sense of Security.

     By now we should all realize the importance of changing the motor oil in our vehicles.  All too often we have so much on our plates that time for our vehicles maintenance is pushed to the back burner.  Many people swear by quick oil change service locations to help keep their cars rolling.  And although I applaud them for taking the initiative of changing this precious fluid they may be being led into a false sense of security.  Many quick oil change locations claim they check the vehicle over but many of them are only checking what they sell.  If you watch carefully and know what to look for you would notice that even though your invoice says that the listed items were checked they really weren’t.  A thorough check over should be performed by a technician who is trained on what to look for.  Your vehicles reliability not to mention the safety of your family and yourself are depending on it.  We see so many instances where suspension items as well as many other safety items are in dangerously bad condition and the customer is unaware that an accident is just around the corner.  Our responsibility as technicians is to keep you safe to the best of our ability.  It takes a little more time but it will give you all the information you need as to whether to continue to put money into a vehicle that may have reached the end of its usefulness as well as help you prepare for what is coming down the road to prepare for those expenses.   Trusting the person who is giving you this information is something I take very seriously.   I would love the opportunity to show you just how seriously by earning your trust with every visit.  

Heading down the wrong road.

Every day we see evidence of problems that were created by maintenance that was ignored.  Car manufacturers wanting to give the illussion of a maintenance free car are putting your wallets at risk.  Mitch Shneider is a fourth generation, former auto technician, current shop owner, senior contributing editor, educator, author, seminar facilitator and one of my mentors wrote about this on his blog.  I urge you to check it out.